This weekend: Clowns performing Macbeth in MöcShplat

Posted On February 3, 2011

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I’ll bet you’ve never seen Macbeth confront Macduff wearing a clown noise.

This weekend one of the main clowns from MöcShplat, a gibberish clown adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, will join me to talk about clowning around on the Centaur stage with the Bard in mind.

Marcel Jeannin ( who plays Macbeth– a Scottish army general whose ego gets inflated when he meets up with some clairvoyant witches) joins me at 9:30 am on CJLO 1690 AM and at this Sunday, February 6th to discuss the gibberish he mutters throughout the show and how he went from a traditional theatre performer to a clown.

BTW: no English or French requirement is needed for the show, just a fluent understanding of gibberish (even knowing the play isn’t required, although having a good sense of humour is).

The original production of MöcShplat was a hit at the Montreal Fringe, participated in Centaur’s first Wildside Series and was presented at Just for Laughs Festival. Cast includes Danielle Desormeaux, Marcel Jeannin, Michel Perron and John Sheridan .


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