Feb 20th: Bedbugs the play comes to SSU

Posted On February 19, 2011

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If you live in Montreal, or any big city, you’ve probably heard about the recent surge in bed bugs and the mattresses they plague. But instead of just complaining, sometimes the best way to deal with this bedbug trauma is to put pen to pad and write a play about it. That’s what Concordia student Rachael Picard did, and now her new show BEDBUGS will be playing at The Freestanding Room on St Laurent from March 3 to March 5th. http://detroit.broadwayworld.com/article/CASE_Presents_BEDBUGS_335_20110218

Every year, the Concordia Association of Students in English (C.A.S.E) invites young playwrights to submit a play they’ve written as part of a competition, with the winner getting to have their work put up as a full production. Picard was the big winner this year “The topic of bedbugs is relevant and in the news these days, especially for Montrealers,” said Picard. “In a city that defines itself as bohemian, and boasts such a large population, bedbugs are very much a new part of the city’s consciousness. You can’t walk down St. Laurent Blvd. without bumping into someone who’s had an experience or knows someone who’s had to deal with an exterminator.”

Rachael Picard appears on CJLO February 20th 2011 at 9:30 am

Listen at CJLO 1690 AM or cjlo.com

Bedbugs, the play. Pictured: Matthew Xhignesse, Heather Caplap. Photo by Louise Callier


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