Music as good as Sex according to McGill Study

Posted On March 28, 2011

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Yes, you read that headline correctly. According to research done by Valorie Salimpoor and her fellow researchers at McGill University and the Montreal Neurological Institute,  music releases dopamine in the brain, just as sex does.

Pretty fascinating stuff. See my report below.


Robert Munsch on cocaine; he really is a drug addict

Holy Shit!

Robert Munsch is a drug addict ( well, one in recovery at least). But seriously, the guy who wrote Love You Forever and Thomas’ Snowsuit snorted cocaine for 25 years?

Apparently his family has been aware of his addiction as well as his obsessive-compulsive and manic-depressive condition.

Munsch revealed in a Global Tv interview that he’s been going to 12-step recovery, and hes been clean of drugs and alcohol for four months.

I wonder if his next book will address his issues. Possible titles: Higher than a Kite, Hide the Bong! and my personal favorite, a re-imaging of the classic White Christmas.


Alright, so if you’ve missed some episodes, you can always catch them on youtube at

But here are some of our best bits from the past little while:

1)We dissected Ann Coulter’s appearance at a Canadian university. Was she funny or offensive? Free speech of hate speech?

2)We tackled the tough niqab debate- when has reasonable accommodation gone too far?

The incident: an Egyptian immigrant taking specialized classes in college, refuses to show her face to the class while giving an oral presentation, and during a seperate group discussion, asks three male students to turn around and not face her.

3) We spoke about Constance McMillen, a Mississippi girl excluded from her high school prom because she wanted to bring her girlfriend. Why is acceptance of gays so difficult in America ? Is it Obama’s fault?

Rachel Maddow slays in interview

Posted On December 9, 2009

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I just saw this amazing interview with Rachel Maddow and Richard Cohen, the guy who says he can cure gays of their homosexuality.

I think its a great example of good interviewing, using facts and strong questioning. Notice how Maddow keeps her cool, and just nails Cohen with his own homophobic texts

Take a look and tell me what you think, its a bit long but totally riveting

Lady Gaga &Beyonce Parody

Posted On November 26, 2009

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I normally wouldn’t post a parody, but this one is so darn hilarious

This girl gets Lady Gaga down to a tee!

ps: ABC cancelling an appearance by Adam Lambert because of his gay kiss on a music awards show is super lame. I thought this was the 21st century?

What you missed on today’s show!

We spoke about :

~ The fee levy increase at Concordia for CuTV(9 cents/credit) and the Concordia Library( $1/credit)

~Sarah Palin‘s book sells well, but not as well as Bill Clinton’s memoir

~ Charles Manson’s long lost son

~Regis and Oprah leaving thier daytime talk shows

~Stephane Dion’s wife posts her opinion on her facebook ( and gets taken down by the liberal party)

Cartoon Mom Poses for Playboy

Posted On October 19, 2009

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Marge bears all

Marge bears all

Is this appropriate?

Marge simpson poses for Playboy’s November issue, which has us wondering whether kids who grew up on the iconic cartoon are getting the wrong message.

We didn’t see Mrs. Brady’s tits or Leave it to Beaver’s mother’s beaver…

so why now, Marge?

More Letterman Scandal! More Sex!

Posted On October 3, 2009

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(clockwise) Letterman, what letterman has become (oink), (bottom left) Birkitt

(clockwise) Letterman, what Letterman has become (oink), (bottom left) Birkitt

How many women could possibly want to sleep with Letterman anyway?

Apparently, quite a few. Even Letterman admitted on Thursday’s Late Night, saying “I had sex with women who work for me on this show.”

Notice he said women. Well, new scandal is breaking as an ex-Late Show staffer reveals to People magazine that there was another affair, before Stephanie Birkitt.

According to the unnamed source, in the late 1990s, Letterman had a sexual relationship with another of the show’s employees , who was not merely an assistant.The source claims that she was among his “peers, a woman close to him, not an intern.”

This occurred all while he was dating his longtime girlfriend, and now wife, Regina.

“Even the interns knew stuff like that was going on,” said the source.

Apparently  Letterman’s sex rampages weren’t a big deal in the office.

“It wasn’t a big deal because he wasn’t married,” said the source. ” And we heard he had a girlfriend , but she never came around, so it just wasn’t a big deal.”

Um, if she knew he was having sex behind closed doors, im sure she would have shown up to the office a few times!

What a pig! Letterman deserves no sympathy, he is a liar, a philanderer and a multimillionaire!

Could this be then end of his popularity . . . ?

Letterman: Blackmail! Sex Scandal!

Posted On October 2, 2009

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clockwise: (top)Halderman, Letterman with Regina and son Harry, (bottom) Birkitt, Letterman

clockwise: (top)Halderman, Letterman with Regina and son Harry, (bottom) Birkitt, Letterman

After threatening  to release photos and proof of an affair , David Letterman’s blackmailer was arrested yesterday outside  CBS headquarters in NYC, according to TMZ.

Robert “Joe” Halderman, a producer on CBS‘ crime show 48Hours was arrested for allegedly trying to extort $2 million from the late night talk show host.

The woman behind the affair was revealed to be Stephanie Birkitt, Letterman’s former personal assistant who has appeared on the show many times participating in skits, under the name “Vicky”.

It is rumored that the  sexual relationship between Birkitt and Letterman  ended sometime before 2003, when his son with then longtime girlfriend Regina, was born. Letterman married Regina in March 2009.

The disturbing part is the way Letterman let the story unfold? Is this really a joke? Humour should be used to move through tough times, but this was downright disrespectful.

Here is what he had to say on Thursday’s Late Show:

Here is Birkitt on Late night in a “Know your current events ” skit.

BIG O picks her book of the month

Posted On September 18, 2009

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Oprah has chosen a new book for her book club.

Too bad it was leaked early!

Oprah chose Say You’re One of Them written by Uwem Akpan.

The book is a 2008 collection of short fiction, a first for  club selection. Akpan is a Nigerian-born Jesuit priest who teaches in Zimbabwe.

The big scoop however, is that no one is supposed to know anything about it!

Some bookstores were given boxes that read :” Oprah’s Book Club Selection #63. Do not open until September 18.”

According to the The Washington Post, a book distribution company unintentionally leaked the title of the novel!

The BIG O is going to be so pissed! Stedman probably wont get any nookie for a good week!

Actually, we’re kind of surprised Oprah didn’t choose this book.

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