SSU welcomes entertainment correspondent

Posted On February 1, 2011

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Sunny Side Up is pleased to welcome Chris Hanna to the weekly line-up of characters on CJLO. A culture critic at heart, Chris is not afraid to share his opinion ( fyi: he hates The Big Bang Theory) while giving you the latest arts & entertainment scoop.


Listen for Chris Hanna’s entertainment report every Sunday at 10 am on CJLO 1690 AM or at



Taking it all off in the name of THEATRE

Posted On January 7, 2011

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She may play Miss Sugarpuss, but Holly was once on Arthur. Bet she made that aardvark blush)



While Miss Sugarpuss is making her debut at the centaur theatre this week as part of the wildside festival, the actress behind the character is well accustomed to the performance space. Her name is Holly Gauthier-Frankel, and if you dont immediately recognize her name, after you see Miss Sugarpuss Must Die!, you likely won’t be able to forget it.

For Canadian Tv Junkies, she was also the voice of  Sagwa, that very trippy asian cat from PBS’s  Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat.

But she did some more awesome voice work as Fern on Arthur ( you know, the aardvark) and also for the show What’s with Andy

So don’t miss her on Sunny Side Up this weekend, 9:30 am on CJLO 1690 Am or

Gingerbread houses made 2.0 : How the Facebook generation does it

Posted On December 18, 2010

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So i was checking out The Huffington Post one day when I stumbled on this video by Will Pulos. Not only is the video funny, but Will ends up making a gingerbread house that looks delicious and involves edible facebook posts. How awesome is that!?

Tune in to Sunny Side Up on Sunday Dec 19 at 10:15 am on CJLO 1690AM and on to hear him explain the holiday craft

Searching for Happiness: a report by Adam Avrashi

Posted On December 1, 2010

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Here is something I have been working on for the past little while.

I went on a search from happiness, and came out with a really interesting story.

Happiness can be as simple as eating your favourite cupcake on a chilly winter afternoon. But is there a recipe for happiness besides for sugar, flour and a bit of spice? And can that happiness be sustained?

Adam Avrashi sets out to answer those questions and along the way he meets Miriam Glassman, a young entrepreneur who just started a business called Flatter Me. For five dollars, she will call your friends, family or anyone of your choosing and compliment them over the phone.

Adam also meets up with McGill university psychiatry professor, Dr. Simon N. Young, who explains that mood plays a large part in being happy and that it can make you live longer.

And Adam also meets Dr. Jim Pfaus, who is researching the link between love, sex and rats.

This report was written, edited, shot, produced and directed by Adam Avrashi

along with
special thanks to Kimberly Lamontagne

On tomorrow’s show: Sunday Nov 21,2010

Posted On November 20, 2010

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A really great show tomorrow

at 9:30 am  director Marti Maraden of the Segal Centre’s Blithe Spirit joins me to talk about the new adaptation opening this week

10 am Jamie Carter of the Queer Youth Advisory Board in Mississippi talks about how he is working to make LGBT kids feel accepted in school


Dont miss a minute of it

Sunny Side Up from 9 to 10:30 am on CJLO 1690 AM  or or free on iTunes!




Shaving his legs to play an 11-year-old

Posted On November 8, 2010

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It was great having Jade Hassoune from Geordie Production’s For Art’s Sake on my show this weekend. He did mention a few interesting thing in his interview:

1) playing an 11-year-old isnt as easy as it appears ( he had to shave his legs for the role!)

2) Its actually more rewarding to speak to the puppets than be the puppeteer

3) Best. Set. Ever.

Enjoy the interview below;

Tomorrow’s show

Posted On November 7, 2010

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Actor Jade Hassoune joins me to talk about For Art’s Sake playing at the Centaur theatre. Tomorrow at 10 am!

Nona’s tip of the week

Posted On November 5, 2010

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Starting off this summer, my grandmother has been joining me on the radio to talk about whatever was on her mind: from Mel Gibson to Coronation Street. But one time, she forgot she was due on air, and well, she had to go live from the grocery store. So enjoy; my Nona, Odette Avrashi

Happy Halloweeeeen! BOO!

Posted On November 1, 2010

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Happy Halloween from Sunny Side UP


SSU Halloween Adam Avrashi



New and Improved?

Posted On October 10, 2010

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Well sort of…

Kim has left the building (but we are sharing joint custody of the kids) so now its just me doing my thing on Sunday mornings, 9 to 10:30 a.m. on CJLO 1960 AM.

Oh, and dont forget to listen for my grandma’s rant of the week @ 9:45 am.

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