Berger Blanc has blood on their hands– Enquete report reveals animal cruelty

A dog at Berger Blanc captured by hidden camera on Enquete. Animals are euthanized on the floor, by unskilled workers without analgesics

Never have I been so shocked after watching a hidden-camera investigative report on television.

Yes, I’ve seen elephants being brutally domesticated in Thailand and savage seal hunt tactics, but never have I seen something like this.

Radio-Canada’s investigative television show, Enquete, went undercover and entered deep inside Le Berger Blanc to reveal some of the most atrocious abuse of animals I’ve ever seen. The privately-run, Montreal animal shelter is used by 10 Montreal boroughs to control the animal population. But what Enquete discovered was that the Berger Blanc is more like a death chamber than the local SPCA. Cats and dogs are brought there when lost, but few return to their owners (less than 40 per cent of dogs, almost no cats returned to owners).

Worse yet, the Berger Blanc claims to euthanize the animals respectfully,  giving analgesics to ease the pain , in the hands of a veterinarian. None of which is the true. The cats and dogs are killed at the hand of unskilled employees, who give the animals lethal injections without analgesics, letting them die slowly and painfully on the floor or in their cages. The Enquete report shows cats leaping across their cages, screaming in pain, sometimes tumbling across the floor until the poison has set in.

The animals are then dragged out to garbage bins outback, that are then stored in a large fridge.

This is beyond cruelty, it is torture.

In response to the report and a protest held in Montreal on April 23, 2011, Agriculture Minister Pierre Corbeil has asked departmental inspectors to look into alleged inhumane practices in euthanizing abandoned pets. In Montreal, the city says it will ask inspectors to increase the number of spot checks at the pound on Henri Bourassa Blvd.

This isn’t enough. Obviously, inspecting the place hasn’t worked, as inspectors have frequented Le Berger Blanc and not seen anything the matter. Either they are blind, woefully ignorant or complicit in animal torture.  Laws need to be changed in Quebec, not just regarding animal control but animal rights. Quebec has puppy mills and idiots who torture and kill their own animals and get off with a mere fine. Animals need rights in the province and in this country and it’s high time we take a stand.

The first step is to sign the petition floating around online thanks to the Humane Society International/Canada, which is demanding effective, more humane animal control services. .
Next step is to start emailing city councilors who are employing Le Berger Blanc. Email them directly and let them know how you feel. The bouroughs that employ Le Berger Blanc are: Cote-Des-Neige, NDG, Anjou, Montreal East, the Plateau, Rivieres des Prairies, Rosemont and St-Leonard. A list of email addresses can be found here.

New Episode! Jan. 26 2010

It’s been a while since We’ve posted a show on the blog (although we have been going live almost every Tuesday at 10 a.m on CJLO 1690 AM)

So last Jan. 26 was a day of HOT TOPICS…and let me tell you things got hot

We spoke about:

1)A Toronto MP who slammed the Minister of Immigration for visiting Auschwitz instead of Haiti
2) Poor Vegans giving their small income to Haiti relief. Should the poor give to the poor?
3) Kim visited NY and met her idol… erm… her idol’s sister.

4) Diane Sawyer’s awkward kiss with President Obama
5) Obama’s politics; where is the change at?
6) CTV’s Canada AM is just not up to snuff

The Christmas Card that Shocked the Nation

Posted On December 20, 2009

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Two guys and a dog, right?

Is  this photo really that offensive?

Well, appearantly to some Canadians it is. The Globe and Mail  had to shut down their comments section after many people wrote derogatory remarks. The Toronto Star was so concerned about biggoted comments that they disabled comments before they even posted the story accompaning this photo.

Find out why people have such a strong reaction to this photo on Tuesdays show at 10 a.m.

You can listen to Sunny Side Up live on 1690 AM  or at The podcasts will also be posted here later in the week.

Sunny Side up this week!

Here is this week’s show.

This week, we spoke about;

1) Concordia by-elections and newly imposed fee levys
2) Kim’s encounter with Obama
3) Tiger woods and Adam’s secret scoop on the gossip
4)Chelsea Clinton gets engaged, but her father-in-law is a ex-convict

and much much more!

Remember to tune in Tuesday from 10-11 a.m. to hear Sunny Side Up w/ Adam & Kim live on CJLO 1690 AM

What you missed on today’s show!

We spoke about :

~ The fee levy increase at Concordia for CuTV(9 cents/credit) and the Concordia Library( $1/credit)

~Sarah Palin‘s book sells well, but not as well as Bill Clinton’s memoir

~ Charles Manson’s long lost son

~Regis and Oprah leaving thier daytime talk shows

~Stephane Dion’s wife posts her opinion on her facebook ( and gets taken down by the liberal party)

Not Another Fall Election

Posted On September 2, 2009

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Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has had enough.

He has announced that he is ready to call for a vote of non-confidence  in the House of Commons (with the support of the Bloc and the NDP)

His reason?

He’s fed up of the Tories; “After four years of drift, four years of denial, four years of division and discord — Mr. Harper, your time is up”

Ignatieff blames Harper for not delivering on his promised economic stimulus to create jobs and not giving a plan to eliminate the national deficit.

Are these guys living in the same country?

Late last week, Harper said that economy is on the up and up and that no tax increases or budget cuts would take place…

so, who are we supposed to believe?

Tory MPs turn away from the Darkside (*ahem*, Harper)

Posted On August 28, 2009

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Stephen Harper, Darth Vader

Oh uh! Trouble up on Parliament Hill.

Two conservative MPs have taken a stance against the asbestos industry. Something that Harper and his government are full supporters of.

Don’t mess with him guys, he’ll cut a fool!

The MPs, Dona Cadman of British Columbia and Pat Davidson of Ontario, say they do not support the asbestos industry because of its health risks it poses to humans. In fact, the Canadian Medical Association recently called for a ban on asbestos use and exports.

So we should just get rid of the stuff, right?

Harper agrees on that point. He is making sure that all asbestos is being ripped out of the walls of Parliament Hill buildings .

But what about exports?

Well, according to Harper, he won’t use asbestos, but he will still ship the stuff internationally with India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Brazil being the top exports.

“I’m really concerned about it,” Cadman said. “I mean, here we are, we’re ripping it out of our walls in Ottawa and yet we’re still manufacturing it.”

Uh ya, sounds hypocritical to us.

The problem is that asbestos is a huge money making industry in Quebec and that we are in a recession. Not a good idea to take away jobs, especially in Quebec, where we are such big Harper fans…

Still, there must be something that can be done on a humanitarian front. Shipping dangerous substances to third world countries? Even Darth Vader would feel some guilt.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, however,  recently said he was against the export of asbestos and  called its use “dangerous”.