Berger Blanc has blood on their hands– Enquete report reveals animal cruelty

A dog at Berger Blanc captured by hidden camera on Enquete. Animals are euthanized on the floor, by unskilled workers without analgesics

Never have I been so shocked after watching a hidden-camera investigative report on television.

Yes, I’ve seen elephants being brutally domesticated in Thailand and savage seal hunt tactics, but never have I seen something like this.

Radio-Canada’s investigative television show, Enquete, went undercover and entered deep inside Le Berger Blanc to reveal some of the most atrocious abuse of animals I’ve ever seen. The privately-run, Montreal animal shelter is used by 10 Montreal boroughs to control the animal population. But what Enquete discovered was that the Berger Blanc is more like a death chamber than the local SPCA. Cats and dogs are brought there when lost, but few return to their owners (less than 40 per cent of dogs, almost no cats returned to owners).

Worse yet, the Berger Blanc claims to euthanize the animals respectfully,  giving analgesics to ease the pain , in the hands of a veterinarian. None of which is the true. The cats and dogs are killed at the hand of unskilled employees, who give the animals lethal injections without analgesics, letting them die slowly and painfully on the floor or in their cages. The Enquete report shows cats leaping across their cages, screaming in pain, sometimes tumbling across the floor until the poison has set in.

The animals are then dragged out to garbage bins outback, that are then stored in a large fridge.

This is beyond cruelty, it is torture.

In response to the report and a protest held in Montreal on April 23, 2011, Agriculture Minister Pierre Corbeil has asked departmental inspectors to look into alleged inhumane practices in euthanizing abandoned pets. In Montreal, the city says it will ask inspectors to increase the number of spot checks at the pound on Henri Bourassa Blvd.

This isn’t enough. Obviously, inspecting the place hasn’t worked, as inspectors have frequented Le Berger Blanc and not seen anything the matter. Either they are blind, woefully ignorant or complicit in animal torture.  Laws need to be changed in Quebec, not just regarding animal control but animal rights. Quebec has puppy mills and idiots who torture and kill their own animals and get off with a mere fine. Animals need rights in the province and in this country and it’s high time we take a stand.

The first step is to sign the petition floating around online thanks to the Humane Society International/Canada, which is demanding effective, more humane animal control services. .
Next step is to start emailing city councilors who are employing Le Berger Blanc. Email them directly and let them know how you feel. The bouroughs that employ Le Berger Blanc are: Cote-Des-Neige, NDG, Anjou, Montreal East, the Plateau, Rivieres des Prairies, Rosemont and St-Leonard. A list of email addresses can be found here.

Music as good as Sex according to McGill Study

Posted On March 28, 2011

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Yes, you read that headline correctly. According to research done by Valorie Salimpoor and her fellow researchers at McGill University and the Montreal Neurological Institute,  music releases dopamine in the brain, just as sex does.

Pretty fascinating stuff. See my report below.

On tomorrow’s show: Sunday Nov 21,2010

Posted On November 20, 2010

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A really great show tomorrow

at 9:30 am  director Marti Maraden of the Segal Centre’s Blithe Spirit joins me to talk about the new adaptation opening this week

10 am Jamie Carter of the Queer Youth Advisory Board in Mississippi talks about how he is working to make LGBT kids feel accepted in school


Dont miss a minute of it

Sunny Side Up from 9 to 10:30 am on CJLO 1690 AM  or or free on iTunes!




Adam interning at CJAD

Posted On January 5, 2010

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Yes, thats right, although school has started, I have begun a week-long internship at CJAD on the Tommy Schnurmacher show.

So far, I’ve locked myself in a staircase and gotten lost in the building. Not bad for my first day on the job.

I also got the chance to watch Tommy ( and his producer, Laura Casella) record their post-show podcast. And I made the final cut!

Check me out in the video below at the 1:45 mark.

Sunny Side Up Christmas Episode!

Ok, so we spoke more about marijuana than mistletoe, but we were still in holiday spirits!

Other topics include:

1)Perverted Santa: some of them are sex offenders

2) Tiger Woods fatigue, have you had enough?

3)Kim’s Christmas tips on staying thin

5)Legalizing prostitution; hookers have invaded Hochelga-Maisonneuve

And More Merry Topics!

Sunny Side up this week!

Here is this week’s show.

This week, we spoke about;

1) Concordia by-elections and newly imposed fee levys
2) Kim’s encounter with Obama
3) Tiger woods and Adam’s secret scoop on the gossip
4)Chelsea Clinton gets engaged, but her father-in-law is a ex-convict

and much much more!

Remember to tune in Tuesday from 10-11 a.m. to hear Sunny Side Up w/ Adam & Kim live on CJLO 1690 AM

Now On Youtube!

Posted On November 28, 2009

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Now you can catch Adam and Kim on youtube.

Our Youtube channel is Sunnysideupcjlo, so make sure to subscribe to get all the updates and latest podcasts.


Lady Gaga &Beyonce Parody

Posted On November 26, 2009

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I normally wouldn’t post a parody, but this one is so darn hilarious

This girl gets Lady Gaga down to a tee!

ps: ABC cancelling an appearance by Adam Lambert because of his gay kiss on a music awards show is super lame. I thought this was the 21st century?

New Media and Politics Mon &Tues

Posted On October 3, 2009

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Kim and Karl Knox at New Media and Politics in early sept.

Kim and Karl Knox at New Media and Politics in early Sept.

Adam sits weighs in on Afghanistan

Adam weighs in on Afghanistan discussion

Back on AIR!

Adam and Kim will appear on New Media and Politics Mornin’ Show on

Mon Oct. 5 and Tues Oct. 6 from 8 to 10 am with Karl Knox.

Make sure to listen, CJLO 1690 a.m. !

Kanye West is a direspectful louse

Posted On September 14, 2009

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Kanye, you make me sick.

As Taylor Swift, the 19-year-old country singer, was just beginning her acceptance for Best Female Video, Kanye West stormed to the stage, took the microphone away from her and said that Beyonce deserved to win.

Here are his exact words.

“Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you– Im a let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time”

He then to shrugs and hands her back the mic.

What a jerk. The worst part is that he is a sexist jerk, because if Ne-Yo or Green Day won , he would never storm onto the stage and steal the mic away from them.

Swift  was immediately rushed of stage, and apparently was in tears backstage, claims

Kanye was removed from Radio City music hall after his tirade, and every mention of his name thereafter was followed by loud booing.

Boo on you Kanye!

Luckily, once Beyonce won for Best Video, she invited Swift to come out and finish her speech.

All is well that ends well.  Let’s hope Kanye stays home and watches the VMA’s from his couch next year.

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