Its an SSU Oscar-travaganza! Gossip, Predictions and Movie talk the whole show!

Sunny Side Up is going all out for the Oscars this year– the whole show is dedicated to everything film and golden!

From the lack of black actors nominated this year to why Oscar co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco are mad at Ricky Gervais for interfering with their show.

Also Chris Hanna joins Adam live in studio for all the fun and predictions– every category will be predicted from Best Screenplay to Best Make-Up.

And don’t forget to root for Montrealers at the Oscars:  make-up artist Adrien Morot is nominated for Barney’s Version and Denis Villeneuve’s film, Incendies, is nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.

All the action takes place Sunday February 27th from 9 to 10:30 am on CJLO 1690 AM , and live on iTunes.


Don’t forget that Chris and I will be live tweeting during tonight’s Oscars, follow us @SunnySideUpCJLO and @Chris_Hanna


This weekend: Clowns performing Macbeth in MöcShplat

Posted On February 3, 2011

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I’ll bet you’ve never seen Macbeth confront Macduff wearing a clown noise.

This weekend one of the main clowns from MöcShplat, a gibberish clown adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, will join me to talk about clowning around on the Centaur stage with the Bard in mind.

Marcel Jeannin ( who plays Macbeth– a Scottish army general whose ego gets inflated when he meets up with some clairvoyant witches) joins me at 9:30 am on CJLO 1690 AM and at this Sunday, February 6th to discuss the gibberish he mutters throughout the show and how he went from a traditional theatre performer to a clown.

BTW: no English or French requirement is needed for the show, just a fluent understanding of gibberish (even knowing the play isn’t required, although having a good sense of humour is).

The original production of MöcShplat was a hit at the Montreal Fringe, participated in Centaur’s first Wildside Series and was presented at Just for Laughs Festival. Cast includes Danielle Desormeaux, Marcel Jeannin, Michel Perron and John Sheridan .

On tomorrow’s show: Sunday Nov 21,2010

Posted On November 20, 2010

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A really great show tomorrow

at 9:30 am  director Marti Maraden of the Segal Centre’s Blithe Spirit joins me to talk about the new adaptation opening this week

10 am Jamie Carter of the Queer Youth Advisory Board in Mississippi talks about how he is working to make LGBT kids feel accepted in school


Dont miss a minute of it

Sunny Side Up from 9 to 10:30 am on CJLO 1690 AM  or or free on iTunes!




Shaving his legs to play an 11-year-old

Posted On November 8, 2010

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It was great having Jade Hassoune from Geordie Production’s For Art’s Sake on my show this weekend. He did mention a few interesting thing in his interview:

1) playing an 11-year-old isnt as easy as it appears ( he had to shave his legs for the role!)

2) Its actually more rewarding to speak to the puppets than be the puppeteer

3) Best. Set. Ever.

Enjoy the interview below;


Alright, so if you’ve missed some episodes, you can always catch them on youtube at

But here are some of our best bits from the past little while:

1)We dissected Ann Coulter’s appearance at a Canadian university. Was she funny or offensive? Free speech of hate speech?

2)We tackled the tough niqab debate- when has reasonable accommodation gone too far?

The incident: an Egyptian immigrant taking specialized classes in college, refuses to show her face to the class while giving an oral presentation, and during a seperate group discussion, asks three male students to turn around and not face her.

3) We spoke about Constance McMillen, a Mississippi girl excluded from her high school prom because she wanted to bring her girlfriend. Why is acceptance of gays so difficult in America ? Is it Obama’s fault?

Adam interning at CJAD

Posted On January 5, 2010

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Yes, thats right, although school has started, I have begun a week-long internship at CJAD on the Tommy Schnurmacher show.

So far, I’ve locked myself in a staircase and gotten lost in the building. Not bad for my first day on the job.

I also got the chance to watch Tommy ( and his producer, Laura Casella) record their post-show podcast. And I made the final cut!

Check me out in the video below at the 1:45 mark.

Hanukkah Edition!

Yes, we are still on air this week, and next week and the week after so remember to tune in on Tuesday morning at 10 AM

Here is what we spoke about this week

1) Chris Brown leaves Twitter

2) Ashley Dupree, former prostitute to Elliot Spitzer gets a job at the NY post

3) Exam horror stories

4)Hanukkah stories, what Kim and Adam did to celebrate

And here is an interview we did with James Lavoie, the costume designer for Geordie production’s A Christmas Carol playing at the D.B Clarke Theatre until Dec. 20.

New Media and Politics Mon &Tues

Posted On October 3, 2009

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Kim and Karl Knox at New Media and Politics in early sept.

Kim and Karl Knox at New Media and Politics in early Sept.

Adam sits weighs in on Afghanistan

Adam weighs in on Afghanistan discussion

Back on AIR!

Adam and Kim will appear on New Media and Politics Mornin’ Show on

Mon Oct. 5 and Tues Oct. 6 from 8 to 10 am with Karl Knox.

Make sure to listen, CJLO 1690 a.m. !

Fired! Gone for Good.

Posted On August 26, 2009

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Aaron and Tasso

Photograph by: Tedd Church, Gazette file photo

Last week Tasso, from Q92’s Aaron and Tasso’s morning show ,was fired without even being given the chance to say goodbye to his listeners.

The real shocker is that no one seems to be upset about this. When  CJAD’s Peter Anthony Holder was canned, listeners wrote in angry editorials to The Gazette saying they would give up listening to CJAD.

So where is the love for Tasso? Were his impressions of Celine Dion and Gerald Tremblay not worth boycotting Q92 for?

Suzanne Desautels was also fired. To be honest, she was kinda useless anyway.